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August 9, 2016

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Mayapur-2012, 2012

Invaluable Lessons from Sri Govardhan Lila – Lecture by HH Radhanath Swami given during Mayapur Yatra.


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  • Piyush Singh

    Such inspiring and detailed talk by HH Radhanath Swami. There are so many instructive lessons to be learnt form Goverdhan Lila. What amazes me most is that how even a pious and exalted person like Indra can also fall prey to this dangerous envy and false ego. Indra kept on trying to flood Vrindavan for 7 days and didn’t think in between that how someone ordinary can protect the whole village as Lord Krishna did. Sometimes we all fall in to such situations in our different ways and we should watch out for the same.

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    • Sumit Sharma

      Great summary of the pastime Piyush!

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  • Kalpana Kulkarni

    Amazing pastimes of Sri Govardhan an how Krsna bewildered Lord Indra. Just goes to show if Indra can fall prey to illusion and false ego, where do we stand? We can overcome this Maya only by the causeless of mercy of the Lord and immense faith in him.

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    • Sumit Sharma

      Very nice point about how even Lord Indra can also get illusion-ed. Only Lord can bring us from this illussion.

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  • Jerry Richard

    There is certain power of protection receiving blessings from good people. Those blessings were coming from spiritually evolved people. And then it has special potency. Because those who are saintly and spiritually evolved, they have taken the shelter of God. And the greatest power of God is grace. Grace is sweet, grace is gentle and it is more powerful than the wrath of the God. Wrath of God can destroy the planets, universes, to punish people even the greatest rulers to be brought down to their knees. But the grace of God could lift one up even from very fallen, miserable situation. Or from the very elevated situations could actually lift one up and give one entrance into the realm of eternity.

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    • Piyush Singh

      Such beautiful point that God’s grace is more powerful than his wrath. Makes a lot of sense. Thank you.

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    • Sumit Sharma

      Great thoughts for grace and wrath of the Lord. For a devotee both are same as he always sees Lord’s mercy in anything.

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  • Sumit Sharma

    Amazing pastime narrated by Radhanath Swami. One of the wonderful things that I noted in this pastime is that Lord Krishna performed this pastime at the age of 7, because before that Lord Indra did not show any pride. Only when he felt proud and disregarded his own spiritual master’s instructions, Lord Krishna decided to bring him to the right path through this sweet pastime. With every pastime, Lord Krishna fulfills multiple purposes and crushing Lord Indra’s ego was one of the things that he achieved through this pastime.

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    • Piyush Singh

      Superb point Sumit. In another recent talk HH Radhanath Swami told about the amazing multi tasking abilities of Lord Krishna that how he takes care of innumerable things simultaneously.

      You also make a very important point that Lord Krishna many a times solves many of the purposes with a single pastime. With Goverdhan lila also he fixed Indra’s pride, increased the loving exchanges with residents of Vrindavan and instilled fearlessness in all his devotees for all times to come. So amazing are his activities.

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  • Kalpana Kulkarni

    Very powerful lessons to be learnt from the Govardhan Lila – crushing of Indra’s pride, saving the residents of Vrindavan and giving them immense bliss for 7 days and 7 nights – amazing!!

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